Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We know that buying a property is one of the most serious lifestyle decisions you will ever make. To help you on your journey, you need a real estate agent with market knowledge, experience and customer values that put the buyer first.

This is where Turkinvest Property Group, a professional team of local agents steps forward. We guide buyers through the whole journey from choosing the home of your dreams to signing for your title deeds and settling in. With a bank of testimonials behind us, we’ve established a solid reputation for honesty, professionalism, and long-term commitments to our customers.

Established in 2014, Turkinvest Property Group is a leading international real estate company working across the whole of Turkey. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce in all regions where our office is located i Maslak (İstanbul). 

About Turkey

What is the favourite season to arrive in Turkey?
Turkey experiences hot summers. However, spring and autumn are the ideal seasons to visit Istanbul and the inland areas when the temperature is pleasant, and the sky is clear. The Southern coast enjoy a typical Mediterranean climate characterized by mild winters and hot summers.
Do I need visa to enter Turkey?
Visa policy of Turkish government may vary according to your country. You can learn your country’s visa status via the Republic of Turkey the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website ( You can obtain your e-visa online through the Electronic Visa (e-Visa) Application System (
Should I learn Turkish?
You can choose to learn Turkish though it is not mandatory. English is widely spoken, especially in touristic areas.
Are locals friendly towards foreigners?
Turkish people are famous for their hospitality. Possibly, you will be welcomed by locals and feel like you are at home.
What if I need medical services?
Turkey is one of the leading countries in the region regarding its healthcare system. In case of emergency, you will be able to use medical services for free and without any delay.
Should I pay in local currency?
It will be much more convenient for you to have local currency with you although some stores accept payments in USD or Euro.
Can I buy more than one property?
According to the law, foreigners are not allowed to purchase more than 30 hectares of property.
Which region is the best to invest in Turkey?
Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey, is the best region to invest in Turkey. The city has the highest population, and it is constantly developing. With its giant projects such as the Third Bosphorus Bridge, Marmaray Project, and Kanal Istanbul Project, the city already attracts the international investors.

Why invest In Turkey

Buying a Turkish property is a simple procedure
Turkey has made many amendments to purchase laws and legislation over recent years to help lure in investors. It is now quicker and easier than ever before to purchase a property in Turkey. Changes to the military clearance procedure mean that in many cases apartments and villas in Turkey can be bought in just 24 hours, VAT discounts are also helping boost purchases. To settle buyer confidence, the property industry has also become strictly regulated, Turkish estate agents now need to be fully registered to limit cowboys and overnight set-ups.
Affordable living
Life in Turkey is easy for foreigners. The weak lira means daily living costs are a fraction cost.Utilities, groceries, eating out and getting about is all remarkably cheap. Affordability mixed with glorious weather, breath-taking scenery and a healthy dose of Turkish hospitality ensures lifestyle investors are onto a winning combination.
Strong rental demands
Rental demand in Istanbul and along the coast is booming. The exchange rate has fuelled the highly profitable short-term tourist market and housing shortages in the cities make for a constant long-term requirement. Although strict rental procedures came into play that initially put some investors off purchasing buy to lets, every city and town now has management companies that take the hassle out of new rules and make sure properties are occupied and legalities met. The potential profits have lured investors in and many are now enjoying the benefits of extremely healthy returns.
New Turkish property for citizenship law
In a bid to boost foreign investment and help bring the lira back in check, a US $250,000 investment in Turkish property for three years can now secure Turkish citizenship. Previously only those having spent US $1 million were entitled to apply, Officials expect this move to double property sales in Turkey and draw money into the country that would otherwise have been invested elsewhere. The scheme is working. Sales of Turkish property to foreigners is well on the rise and Turkish real estate agents are receiving many more enquiries and enjoying more sales as a result.

Does Turkish Government allow Foreigners to buy real estate in Turkey?

Under the new regulation made in the year 2012, Turkish Government has now allowed foreigners to buy properties.

Which steps need to be taken by a foreigner seeking to buy a property in Turkey?The standard procedure of purchasing a property remains the same, even if you are a foreigner, you need to follow the same steps as Turkish citizen follows. After you have decided the property you want to purchase, you have to sign the contract and then complete the payment procedure, once all completed, the title deed will be prepared for you.

How is my purchase Guaranteed

1. All transactions are processed inside the government's office

2. All new projects are guaranteed by the government. (eg, if you buy an apartment building that is currently under construction, Then if the contractor went bankrupt and could not deliver the building. In this case, the government completes this construction. Emlak Konut is the government building company name

3. If the property to be purchased is under construction, a Construction Servitude Deed (title deed) will still be released upon purchase.

4. Appointed Agent will look after all rental administration & maintenance 

Always seek advice from a financial specialist, before committing to an overseas property investment

What does the property purchase include

1. The price of the property 
2. Power of Authority expense in Turkey
3. Title deed expenses, includes transfer taxes
4. Airport Transfer both ways

What taxes do I pay when I purchase a property?

There are two important taxes arising from a property sale.
1. Transfer tax
2. Value Added Tax (VAT).
Transfer taxes are included in all our property prices. Foreigners are exempted from VAT tax, only Turkish Citizen pay Vat tax

Can purchasing be tailored to our specific needs,

Yes of course, we manage over 10,000 properties all over Turkey, ranging from Apartments, Houses, Duplexes, lands & Luxury Estates.
We require the following information
1. Your min to max Budget
2. Preferred location
3. Type of property (Apartment, House, Villa or Luxurious houses)
4. Bedroom Quantity
5. Special requests: Close to mosque, hospital, university, beaches, etc

Chart Flow purchasing process

Select 1 from the 3 options below
Option 1
Fly to turkey in person to complete the purchase, below process is all inclusive in your purchase price.
Step 1
Picked up from the airport & dropped off to the hotel
Step 2
Picked up from the hotel & head to interpret & translate your passport,
Then to registered Government notary office to translate & verbally read the Power of Attorney when agent is appointed. Dropped back of to the Hotel
Step 3
Picked up from the hotel & head to the title office, the contract will be exchanged on this day, remaining balance completed. Dropped back of to the Hotel
Step 4
Picked up from the hotel & head to the title office to pick up the title deed.
Power of Attorney is given to the agent to connect all Utilities
Step 5
Picked up from the hotel & head to the Airport for departure
Option 2
If you don’t wish to fly to turkey, you can give Power of Attorney to the agent to act & process all the above steps on your behalf, the agent is accredited & approved by the Turkish government. Once all completed, the original title deed will be sent by express DHL Courier to you. This service is all inclusive in your purchasing price.
Option 3
If you don’t wish to fly to turkey, or give Power of Attorney to the agent. You can appoint an independent lawyer, a list of independent lawyers will be provided to you to Appoint, the lawyer will act on your behalf to complete all the process in option 1. Lawyer’s fees is your responsibility as this is an additional cost. Fee’s may vary from one lawyer to another.

How can we find a Lawyer in Turkey

If you purchase a property in Turkey, our Agent in Turkey has its own property sales agreement which is prepared by company lawyers. We act as a referee between the seller and buyer on each sale, we only want to finish the deal professionally. We prepare a customized agreement for each sale which was the titles are decided by our lawyers. When we add a property, we check the reputation of the company. We guarantee you that you buy property directly from the owner himself/herself. As we make thousands of agreements yearly with "Zero Failure" success, we are confident.
We respect if you say "Trust is good, but control is better." We have a list of an independent lawyer speaking different languages as well as English where you may select your lawyer.
What Lawyers Do?
There are common checks of the property for a secure purchase what solicitors and lawyers do.
1. Legal Research of the Property
Property buying may vary from a country to another country. There are not the same rules and standards in every country. As you are not purchasing frequently property in Turkey, we advise you to purchase by a trusted estate agency which has several offices and long years of experience
A most important part of buying a real estate is to contact the correct party and understanding that the seller is selling the correct property which he is showing you. Lawyers may guarantee these issues and your money with a Due Diligence Report.
a) When you decide to purchase an estate solicitor makes the initial checks in the Title Deed registration office to cover if there is;
• Basement
• Mortgage debt
• Lien
• Tax debt
• Other debts and charges
• If it is freehold or not
• Checking the ownership fact of the property as written on the title deed
b) Solicitors also examine these related licenses;
• Building license
• Planning permits
2. Reservation Contract and Deposit Payment
Reservation contract secures the property on the client's name and confirms the agreed sales price and terms. It also shows that the payment made as deposit payment secures the agreed terms on the contract.
3. Property Purchasing Contract in Turkey
If there is a reservation contract which includes the agreed terms by the parties the solicitor shall draft the purchase contract according to this.
If there has not been a prepared contract and agreed terms the solicitor shall draft the purchase contract according to the satisfaction of all parties with legitimizing the requests of them.
If there has already been a drafted contract, the solicitor shall review the contract to ensure that does not damage the rights of the client and fully legal.
Solicitors Fee in Turkey
Lawyer legal service fee in Turkey is 1% of the purchase price of the property minimum amount of 1.750 USD + 18% VAT. This fee may vary from a lawyer to another lawyer. Please ask for purchasing process details for your case and the legal entities.
We have a list of English speaking independent lawyers / solicitors names. As lawyers are dedicated to saving your rights, they are not related to our company. If you contact us, we might send you the list of lawyers. You may choose one of these names and agree on the terms by yourself.
However, if you buy your property from us, we follow up entire process safely without any solicitors charge.

Explain the purchasing process

According to the Turkish Law on ‘Property Purchase By Foreigners in Turkey’ Foreigners can purchase real estate just like Turkish citizens. You can find the information below and follow the instructions & required documents. We will be helping you with your purchasing in Istanbul and also assisting you with our market knowledge and experience.
Decision making Process
The first step of buying process is to set your requirements explicitly. This is the most important part as a start. You should identify number of bedrooms, size, location preference, maximum budget etc. either for investment, vacation or for both purposes. After clarifying these points, making your decision will be much easier. In Turkey, Istanbul has the highest potential for real estate investment which may offer you various investment opportunities for now or continuously in the future.
Your specific requirements for your investment and your budget will be a filter for these various options and possibilities. In this way, we will be able to offer a better match for you. Our professional consultants will be assisting you during the evaluation process of the alternatives which will be a suitable investment according to your specific requirements mentioned.
Deposit payment and documentation process
After you select the property that you will purchase, it is better to pay a fully refundable deposit to secure the property purchase and the price. the deposit can be paid cash or with your credit card in most of the sales offices. A deposit payment is symbolic and fully refundable for 1 or 2 weeks. Please kindly check for further details with our investment consultants for specific projects.
After you have paid the deposit, your contract will be prepared for the signature of both the investor and the developer. The contract will be written in Turkish and English including your payment schedule and property floor plan that you have chosen. (Completed projects mostly require a cash payment, off-plan (Under Construction) projects usually present a long term payment plan with several instalments until construction of the project is completed).
During the contract preparation, initially your passport will be required for the official paperwork. They also require your full home address and contact details. If you want to open a bank account in Turkey, the documents that you need to provide are; an original passport, notarized passport translation, any utility bill showing your original home address from your own country and a Turkish TAX number.
At first you need to make sure that your passport has been translated by a sworn translator and approved at a notary office . With the translation of your passport you are able to get your Turkish TAX number from the Tax Office and then you will be able to open your bank account. During this process, our professional investment consultants can and will be more than happy to assist you again.
Payment process
The process of payment is very easy. You can make international money transfers from any of your accounts in your country or other countries directly to the developers’ bank account in different currencies (most preferred are; USD, EURO and TL). It is also possible to transfer the money first to your own account in Turkey ( if you have one), then to the developer’s account.
The most crucial point is to make the payment directly to the developers’ account, not to any third parties. Through the bank transfers, you can follow up your payment with the developer. Complete projects require cash payments, under construction projects present a longer payment plan with instalment payments. You can approach our investment consultants for further information for specific Project and properties.
Delivery and The Title Deed Process
In order to receive a title deed for the property, the construction of the building should be completed for the approvals from the officials. After the approvals, you will be able to apply for title deed. The approval process may take approximately 2-3 months. First, your application is sent to Title Deed Office and then to The Turkish Military Head Office in order to check if the property is in a military zone or restricted area. This part of the process has been already checked by our experts in order to avoid any possible problem.
Till then, all of your rights on property will be secured by your sales contract and Turkish regulations.
When your purchase is approved, you will be taken to the Title Deed Office with a sworn translator to sign your free hold ownership documents. You also have an option to give a power of attorney to a lawyer to complete the process on behalf of you in order to save the time and effort. Through these steps, you ensure that the purchase will continue without any problems.

How to start the purchasing process

1. Purchaser pays a minimum of 5% deposit to a seller to secure the apartment.
2. Clear Copy Purchasers ID card or passport
3. Agreement written between both party purchaser & seller
4. Send 2 original photographs of the buyer (in the last 6 months, size 6x4cm express via courier DHL or UPS).
5. Purchaser can travel to İstanbul to start and finalise the purchase or can give Power of Attorney to complete the sale on behalf of the purchaser (refer to Q 7 flow chart)
6. In case of a transaction made with the power of attorney issued abroad, the original or approved copy of the power of attorney with its translation
7. Seller applies to the head office with necessary documents
8. Sworn translator who does not speak Turkish
9. After 10 days of applying date head office invites the both side to take the signatures
10.During taking of the signatures the balance off the payment must be completed

What is a title deed (Tapu)?

The Tapu is an official registry document in Turkey. It proves that you have ownership rights over the property. This ownership document is your registry at Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate

Explain the process of the Title Deed Transfer

The transfer process is carried out through a title deed (Tapu in Turkish). Once you have signed all the sales and transfer documents, all the necessary documents are forwarded to the Title Deeds Registry Office by our agent partner in turkey. Unless you appoint a Power of Attorney, you will need to be present for title deed transfer personally. Both the seller and buyer (or person acting as your proxy) meet at the Title Deeds Office at the appointed time. And title deed transfer takes place in the presence of a sworn translator.
The process of title deed transfer is as follows;
• All the documents needed for registering the property transfer are prepared.
• After the documents are prepared, all the necessary information is forwarded to the Title Deeds Registry Office.
• On the day of transfer, the buyer pays all the amount and the office gets the ownership of the property.
Foreigners usually complete the process of title deed transfer in roughly 3 to 5 days, because of money transfer from foreign accounts. After signing title deeds, we help you to transfer subscriptions like water, gas and electricity from the previous owner on your name. This is done very easily, safely and quickly.
Property Insurance in İstanbul , Turkey
You want to enjoy the benefits of property ownership in Turkey. You can make sure that you can truly relax with this insurance package. Property insurance in İstanbul , Turkey secures your home in one insurance policy from fire to flood, theft to earthquake. This package has many extra covers compared to the standard property insurance product.
Property Insurance Covers Damages from;
Fire, lightning, explosion, theft, strike, riot, civil commotion, flood, vehicle and aircraft impact, internal water, smoke, storm, heavy snow, landslide, inflation, common property cover, painting and white wash made by tenants, direct damage from fuel leaking’s, accidental breakage for home furnishings, personal accident insurance, third party liability insurance , private sport equipment’s insurance, insurance for legal protection, removing expenses, rent cover and expenses for post-earthquake, covers for outdoor trees and decoration plants, new value clause for home furnishing, home and emergency assistance.
Optional Choices of Property Insurance in Turkey;
Earthquake and volcanic eruption, sea vehicles impact, glass breakdown, electronic equipment insurance, liability arising from fire, explosion, loss of rent, expenses for the removing your place because of loss, liability arising from fire and explosion.
1 bedroom apartment about 90 Euro
2 bedroom apartment about 120 Euro
3 bedroom apartment about 150 Euro
Villas about 220 Euro
Insurance costs depends on m² and declared value prices. Prices above given above are examples based on the current rates but will vary with each property to another property in İstanbul.
What is DASK?
DASK (Doğal Afet Sigortaları Kurumu) is an obligatory earthquake insurance polis. You may not get a new water or electricity abonnement without this obligatory insurance of the property in Turkey. The other insurance covers earthquake risk after DASK polis.

How long does it take to receive the title deed of a property in Turkey?

When you buy a ready apartment in Turkey, the process of transferring the ownership (title deed) normally varies from 2 to 5 working days.

Are the title deeds freehold in Turkey?

Yes the title deeds in Turkey are freehold which means that you have full ownership and possession rights on the property and you can inherit, sell or rent it at any time.

What is the appraisal report? Why is this required?

The appraisal report is a report showing the real price of a property that you are buying or selling. When one purcahses a property, Land Registry and Cadastre requests appraisal report verified by CMB (SPK in Turkish) before the title deed transfer to secure the deal against fraud. This process takes 3 - 6 days.

Do I need to apply for a Tax Identification Number in Turkey?

Our partner in Turkey will help you to apply for the tax ID number. You just need to provide a copy of your passport. They would get tax ID number for you in your name.
What is the Tax ID Number?
A Tax Identification Number is a nine-digit number assigned to individuals for financial issues. Foreigners should have a tax number to be able to open a bank account which they will need for buying a property in Turkey.
Turkish Tax ID Number is required for:
• Opening a Turkish bank account
• Registering utility bills
• Paying Turkish land/council taxes
• Paying the residence permit fee
• Applying for a Turkish driving license
All Turkish citizens automatically have (Tax ID Number), since there is a legal obligation. However, foreigners staying in Turkey for more than 90 days or for visa duration are required to obtain a foreign ID number.
How Can You Get a Tax ID Number?
Getting a Tax ID number is not as complicated as you might think. You should go to any local tax office and apply for it. The only thing you need for this transaction is your ‘passport’ & ‘copy of your passport.’ Your data is registered into the database and your Turkish Tax ID Number is given to you.
This transaction usually takes around ten to fifteen minutes. After you have received your tax number, you can open your bank account and carry out your official transactions. Having a tax number doesn't necessarily mean that you pay taxes in Turkey. But having one is essential for getting certain things done, such as opening a bank account to deposit money.

How can I get Turkish citizenship?

There are 2 ways to get Turkish citizenship
1. Fast way is to buy property worth of 250.000 USD or higher
2. Buy any valued property and keep it for 5 years with renewing your residence permit.
For more information, download the PDF file in About Page

Can I rent my property in Turkey?

Yes, you can rent your property on your own or you can appoint our agent to service you.

Do I need to open a bank account?

Many foreigners are coming to Turkey for buying a property and making an investment. Turkey provides many conveniences for foreigners about buying a property. But first, you need to open a Turkish bank account. In this way, you can get credit, make money transfer and give automatic payment order for your utility bills thanks to the bank account. Opening a bank account in Turkey is a simple and straightforward process. But, you need to be careful about few basic details.
How Can I Open A Bank Account?
Our agent in turkey will help you to open your bank account smoothly at every step. But if you want to go it alone, the following information will help.
Documents required to open a Turkish bank account;
• Passport
• Republic of Turkey Tax Identification Number
• Proof of address - A utility bill within the last three months or rental contract in your home country
Can I Open My Bank Account from Abroad?
You can open your bank account from abroad by giving a Power of Attorney. But the type of account you want to open is important. Certain banks have banking products for both local residents and international clients. The banks can explain the options available to you and their processes.
Can I Open a Bank Account as a Non-resident?
Opening a bank account as a non-resident is possible. The only thing that is required is the documents mentioned above.
How Long does This Process Take?
The process depends on the bank. But if you send us a copy of a utility bill and passport before you arrive, we can prepare the necessary documents and we can open the account within the day. You can get your bank card in a few weeks.

Can I sell my property & take the profits out of Turkey?

Yes, you are allowed to sell your property, rent your property, or will your property.

What is furniture service?

Furniture service is one of the after-sale services that we offer to its customers. This service ensures you to buy the right furniture for your purchased property. When we finalize the property purchase process, our sales team helps you to buy furniture and decorate your home quickly by meeting you with the right suppliers. We are always there for you during this time also.
How Do We Provide the Furniture Service?
Our company cooperates with many quality and reliable furniture companies in the region. Firstly, we determine the furniture that you need according to the house. After that, we make the research in catalogues, websites and among companies according to your budget. We follow the best campaigns, opportunities and trendy products.
We help you to buy the kitchen appliances, electric appliances, living room, bedroom and dining room furniture, home accessories, decoration materials, sitting groups, beds, sofas, and lighting fixtures of your desired quality and budget.
Our service is based on customers’ 100% happiness & satisfaction

Do I have to pay an annual tax on my property?

Yes, with all the privileges of a citizen, you also have to fulfil the liabilities of buying properties in Turkey. The amount of tax is calculated on the value of your property.

What about furnishing my property?

Yes, while you are in the procedure of buying property in Turkey, you can apply for a resident permit.

What is the tax number? How do I get it?

Tax number in Turkey (Vergi Kimlik Numarsi) is a number of your own; you are sometimes asked for it in legal and official transactions or when opening a bank account in Turkey. You can get this number, regardless of the existence of the residence permit in Turkey, easily through the following:
You must get a copy of your passport and provide your address in Turkey. Go to the nearest tax directorate (vergı müdürlüğü) in your region and ask for a tax number. In the tax directorate, they will enter your data into the system and give you a card with a tax number of your own on it.

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