Health Insuarence

Who are foreign nationals who will benefit from the General Health Insurance?

Provided that the principle of reciprocity is taken into account;

• Has a residence permit,

• Is not insured under the legislation of a foreign country and has no right to benefit from health insurance,

• a continuous period of settlement in Turkey last year, and foreign nationals who request it after this date benefit from general health insurance.

Is it compulsory for foreign nationals to apply for universal health insurance?

No, foreign nationals are registered under general health insurance if they request it.

Where do foreign nationals need to apply to benefit from general health insurance?

Application of foreign nationalities to the nearest social security provincial / central directorates is required.

Which documents do foreign nationals have to apply for in order to benefit from general health insurance?

• Residence permit,

• General health insurance application from the relevant foreign country social security institution or work attaché the original or photocopy of the manuscript showing social security status,

• Declaration form

Which health services can people benefit from?

Foreign nationals; dependents of general health insured or general health insured treatment of other diseases other than chronic diseases that existed before covered

The health of foreign nationals covered by health insurance services?

Foreign nationals, except those studying abroad, residing in the country, our country or other is not insured under the legislation of a country

• Spouses,

• Children under the age of 18,

• Children under the age of 20 who are not married are

• Children who are not 25 years of age and are not married,

• Unmarried children who are found to be incapacitated, regardless of age;

• Parent and father determined according to the criteria determined by the Authority whose subsistence is provided by foreign nationals; benefit from health services.

How can the national health insurance of foreign nationals be terminated?

In this context, the registered national health insurance

• The residence permits have expired,

• They are insured under the legislation of a foreign country,

• they are considered as general health insurers in another context,

• General health insurances as of the date on which the general health insured is deemed to be the person to whom Terminated.

How to apply for international protection or persons who are recognized as stateless persons It happens?

The Directorate General of Migration Management of the Ministry of Interior has the right to apply for international protection or persons who have no health insurance and have no payment power from the date of recognition as stateless persons They are notified to our Institution within 1 month and registered as general health insurance. These people's general health insurance premiums are paid by related institutions.

 Are foreign students covered by the general health insurance?

Foreign students studying in our country are entitled to a one-year residency If they make a request within three months of the first registration date, they become general health insured. In this time the request The general health insurance provisions shall not be applied to those who are not present during their education.

 What is the overall health insurance premium rate that foreign citizens will pay?

The rate of premium paid by foreign citizens is 24% of the minimum wage.

What is the health insurance premium rate that foreign students will pay?

The rate of premium to be paid by foreign students is 4 of the minimum wage. In this context, the general health insurance General health insurance premiums for one academic year shall be paid within one month of the registration date.The institution is paid. Changes in the minimum wage due to changes in the premium, the change to be applied is paid to the Authority until the end of the month. Every January the minimum wage change is made they should follow the amount of premium they will pay in the time period. Students are required to make a one-year registration and pay one year's premium.

How is the general health insurance for foreign students under the age of 18?

General health insurance registration procedures of these students, public administrations bringing foreign students, established by law institutions and organizations and Social Security Institution. Also; requests for registration of foreign students or other students under the age of 18 to the parents / guardians in Turkey to which institutions / organizations can be fulfilled.

How are the national health insurance of foreign students terminated?

Foreign health insurances of foreign students, the end of education, look at the general health insured the general health insurance person shall be terminated from the date on which they are deemed to be responsible.

Health Insuarence
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